Quality Control Assistant

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PAL-CON, Ltd. repairs, services, refurbishes, manufactures, removes, and installs gas turbine regenerators for the natural gas and electric utility industries; we also provide design, fabrication, and paint and blast services for other industries.

The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT will be required to maintain a professional demeanor while performing a variety of duties from moderately difficult to complex in order to ensure timely, efficient, and accurate production and fabrication of structures to blue printed specifications as required to meet our production schedules as well as our clients' operating schedules.

The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT's personal commitment to PAL-CON, Ltd.'s success is expected. The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT must be accountable for his/her actions. The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT must possess above average interpersonal and communication, both written and verbal, skills. He/she must be detail oriented; make and retain detailed notes and accurate records; supervise production and fabrication as appropriate; and be able to implement processes necessary to ensure quality productivity. He /she must be familiar with the materials used and tasks performed at PAL-CON, Ltd.: structural and pipe welding, blueprint reading, inspecting using non-destructive techniques, cleaning, cutting, pressing, fitting, and brazing various steel components as well as applying industrial coatings.

The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT must be familiar with safety rules and regulations as they apply to the work performed by PAL-CON, Ltd. whether in the shop or on a job site. The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT must become familiar with PAL-CON, Ltd.'s Quality Control Manual and ISO 9001-related procedures.

The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT will assure that the quality of all production will meet or exceed the requirements set forth by PAL-CON, Ltd. and our clients. He/she will be responsible for maintaining PAL-CON, Ltd.'s quality standards throughout every process and in the workmanship of every employee. He/she must be able to accurately read, understand, and interpret blueprints; correctly use and accurately read a tape measure, calipers, and weld gauges; identify proper welds produced by MIG, TIG, and stick welders; and identify non-conforming parts and material.

The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT must be able to perform basic to advanced mathematical calculations. He/she must be proficient with Microsoft Office Word and Excel, email, and the internet and he/she must be able to operate standard office equipment. The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT may be required to work in an outdoor or indoor environment for extended periods of time in mild to extreme conditions; he/she must be able to climb ladders, operate equipment, operate hand and power tools; he/she must be able to bend, lift, sit, stand, kneel, squat, etc. for extended periods of time; and he/she must understand, speak, write, and read English. The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT must possess a valid US state-issued driver's license and appropriate insurance. The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT must be able to change focus with a moment's notice. He/she may be required to interact with vendors, delivery personnel, employees, and clients.

The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT will ensure quality workmanship and compliance with PAL-CON, Ltd.'s policies and procedures. He/she will be proactive and address all matters in a professional, respectful manner. Five years' experience in a manufacturing setting is required. Although a college degree in a related field may be preferred, a high school diploma or equivalent is required.

The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT will report directly to the Quality Control Manager; he/she must follow the proper chain of command.

The QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANT's current work schedule is 7:00 AM until 5:30 PM, Monday through Thursday; however, as production requirements change, this position's hours may vary. This position is subject to a 90-day introductory period. The rate of pay will be commensurate with experience; PAL-CON, Ltd. offers competitive wages and benefits.